Share your Knowledge is a project by Lettera 27 aimed at supporting the use of Creative Commons licence by ONGs and organization. They help organizations to set free their contents, using it to create and expand encyclopaedic entries.
Lettera 27 asked us to join the project’s evaluators’ pool to monitor the influences of this project on the online presence of each organization. We used two sets of data: the first one comes from the website analytics of each organization examining how people access their site (from where? Which keywords they use? From which sites they arrive?). We complete this data using automated scrapers that periodically will check the relations between involved organization and the rest of the web.

Talking with the project coordinator (Cristina Perillo) we defined a series of generic questions: How much debate there is about Creative commons and organizations? How much Creative Common works are related each organization? How much Creative Common contents are produced by each organization?
The visualizations you can see here, has been realized collecting all the Wikipedia’s pages created and modified during the project and by Fondazione Cariplo-Artgate. Starting from this list, using the history function of Wikipedia we collected data about all the edits on a page, and using a user list we could recognize which of them are performed the Wikipedia’s tutors of the project. Similarly we collected all the data about the uploads on Wikimedia Commons, mostly images.