Contemporary Art System | Entrata d’emergenza

Contemporary Art System | Entrata d’emergenza
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Six young friends, just degree at Accademia of Brera, Milano, in different courses, want to show to the world what they can do.
For this reason they would create a new product, external to what is traditional, unlinked to the market lows that often rule the world of Arts.

It is a periodical output, which shape changes each time.
It has closed number, bimonthly, for a term of one year: so every member of this group can takes care of a number, both in graphics and materials.

This output has as principal theme the concept of emergency entrance in the city of Milan, a way to emerge also in areas in which Arts seem to have few spaces.
Each number will have a different sub-theme, which is about an area of Milan external to the centre. Around this theme the shape of the output, the contents and the event at which the readers will take part are created.

So it will change the shape of the output and the way of use, that have to make agree with the theme.
It will change also what is asked to the readers to take part at the event. This event will happen in the chosen area and it is related to the theme too, both in the way it is done and in the kind of the sharing of the readers.
Then, in that place, it will be left a work, made by the young that took care the event. This work shows what he considers the concept of entrance and it will be given to the city as testimony of the event.

Particularly in each number there will be:

  • Deepening about the area: a descriptive part in which there are news and images about the area and particularly about the feature that brought to the choice of the theme;
  • Information about the creator: in this section the young who created the number can speak about his self, his works and how he created the output;
  • Information about the event: a section in which there is the information to take part to the next event related to the theme and the area of the number.

This output will have to solve two principal tasks: to permit to the members of the group to show themselves and to involve persons of Milan in projects and events made to know, live and revalue every area of Milan.

For this reason on decided to don’t create a simple periodical output, but to correlate it to a series of events that end in a final event that gathers every experience of the past year.

  • Thanks to this series of events the group of young men can have a good visibility and resonance, also if in Milan.
  • Thanks to these events also readers, so the audience, that usually has a role of simple observing, can be involved and feel himself as an artist.
  • Both outputs and events take place in strict relation with the city,
  • It is possible think about a same project also in other Italian or foreign cities.
  • This kind of project may also be repeated in the future for example in a second edition of the initiative.

(the scenario)
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